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Bill Leatherbarrow, Sheffield - Snowed in 2.2m of Bill Leatherbarrow, Sheffield


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New! Easy ordering system for observatories

Select your observatory and follow the instructions to add any of the relevent observatory accessories that you may need then proceed to checkout to pay your deposit.



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We are now able to supply a large selection of telescopes, mounts and accessories, including a healthy stock of used and ex demonstration equipment. Most items are discounted when purchased with an observatory.


Live in the EU or overseas and need an observatory?

We can ship direct from our factory to anywhere! 

Recent deliveries went to Israel, Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Finland, Portugal and Chile.

Easier installation...

Our 2.2m and 2.7m  observatories are designed to make diy installations much easier...

Easy to align panels and fewer bolts and fixings make the building process quicker and easier for the customer who prefers to do a self assembly. The door is pre-hung in it's respective panel, with the locks fully installed for you. Also, with a comprehensive downloadable instruction guide, and a full technical support contact number, things could not be simpler!

 However, if you wish to use our installation service, the costs are as follows:

Installation fee for a 2.2m full height observatory: £295

Installation fee for a 2.7m full height observatory: £395

You will need to provide a flat, level base to ensure a smooth installation.

 UK and EU enquiries -

 Or call us on +44 (0) 1366 315006    Mob. 07725 956071 

Protect yourself as well as your scope and equipment

Before deciding on your route to
the best astronomical accessory you’ll ever buy
consider the following...

Amateur observatories come in all shapes and sizes, some home-brewed, some professionally manufactured. Only the tried and tested traditional dome offers full protection from the elements to both you and your valuable equipment.

Observatories and the weather
The major issue with any observatory is permanent protection from leaks caused by rain and snow. Not only do modern astronomers want to protect their optical equipment but also their hi-tech electronics that are vital to astronomy in the 21st century. Pulsar Observatories are guaranteed weatherproof. They need no sealing tapes around joints and definitely no need for a rain cover.

Observing in comfort
Most astronomers spend many hours at their telescopes, getting totally absorbed in observing and imaging. Although runoff roof observatories and similar housings protect astronomical equipment they offer little comfort for the observer when the installation is in use. Not only does the astronomer have to put up with the vagaries of frost and freezing breezes quite often but, apart from a few lucky people, there is little or no shade from streetlights and neighbours security lights.

Benefits of a motorised dome

Dome rotation drive systems are now available for the entire range of Pulsar Observatories, but you may ask yourself is it something that you need. There is no doubt that having your dome synchronised with your telescope/mounting system is the ultimate in convenience it is your astronomical pursuits that will have the final say. Motorising your Dome rotation is a must for unattended long exposure photography and imaging. Slewing the observatory dome in line with your telescope will allow you to leave your telescope and dome to continue tracking your chosen target without you having to sit acting as a minder. Easily installed in less than thirty minutes, with minimal effort.

The dome control system offered by Pulsar Observatories >